Expert Bezpalko stated the death of the Normandy format

Member of the Council for Interethnic Relations under the President of the Russian Federation Bohdan Bezpalko appreciated for Pravda.Ru the words of the Acting Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Angela Merkel that the European Union may impose new sanctions if progress is not achieved in resolving the situation in Ukraine.

“This is a kind of reproach. But, of course, this can be described as a call to continue negotiations in the Normandy format. From the point of view of both the expert community and the Russian Foreign Ministry, all formats, including the Normandy, are absolutely useless, virtually dead,” – said Bezpalko.

In his opinion, the Normandy format, the Steinmeier formula and the Minsk agreements do not have any effect on the current events in the Donbass zone.

“What is the point of meeting in the Normandy format if neither Germany nor France is exerting any pressure on Ukraine to observe the ceasefire and fulfill the Minsk agreements? Germany in no way contributes to the pacification of the situation in Donbass, “the source said.

He added that for Germany, the Donbass issue is peripheral, since Berlin is under pressure from Washington and is not able to exert any pressure on Kiev.

Bezpalko questioned the possibility of introducing new anti-Russian sanctions.

“If there is no large-scale offensive in Donbass, which provokes retaliatory actions by the Russian Armed Forces, then, obviously, nothing will change. Perhaps, the sanctions against Russia will not be lifted, but new ones will not be introduced either,” he stressed.

Earlier, the interim Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, said that the European Union may impose new sanctions if progress is not made in resolving the situation in Ukraine.

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