Archaeologists have named the age of the oldest mammoth bone pendant

Scientists carried out radiocarbon analysis and found that the mammoth bone pendant found in a cave in Poland was made 41,500 years ago. Currently, it is the oldest man-made jewelry in Eurasia.

Homo sapiens began to settle in Europe about 42 thousand years ago. The earliest archaeological finds date from this time, which are mainly artifacts from mammoth bone, on which strokes or geometric motifs are applied. However, most of these items were not adornments.

Scientists from universities in Germany, Italy and Poland proved in an article published in Scientific Reports that an oval object made of mammoth bone discovered in the Polish Steinia Cave is the oldest personal adornment in Eurasia, made by the first representatives of Homo sapiens on the continent.

According to one of the authors of the study, the found jewelry, which is only 3.7 millimeters thick, testifies to the great creativity and developed hand skills of Homo sapiens. More than 50 dots are applied to the pendant, which can indicate the number of killed animals, experts say.

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