Arctic Ocean warmed earlier than expected

Scientists from the University of Cambridge analyzed the data and found that temperature the waters of the Arctic Ocean rose several decades earlier than expected. Scientific work published in the journal Science Advances

According to study co-author Dr. Tezi Tommaso, in the 20th century there was a “noticeable leap in data”, which stands out in the 800-year time scale, indicators of temperature and salinity.

Experts found that the ocean in the Fram Strait area, which is located between Greenland and Svalbard, began to heat up due to the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, which flowed into the Arctic. This has caused the water temperature to rise by two degrees Celsius since 1900.

The authors of the article note that due to the warming of the Arctic Ocean, ice in the polar region is melting, which increases the level of the world ocean. Further warming in the Arctic will lead to the melting of the permafrost, which contains a lot of methane. This greenhouse gas is more harmful than carbon dioxide, the researchers said.

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