A teacher who beat children was sentenced in Moscow

In Moscow, a teacher Christina Malinovskaya received four years in prison for child abuse. This was told in the press service of the court.

Malinovskaya was charged under Article 238 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Providing services that do not meet safety requirements.” The teacher was facing six years in prison, but she received only four years. According to law enforcement officers, a kindergarten employee beat the kids and poured cold water on them, and kept them by force under an ice shower. As the investigation found out, in this way Malinovskaya punished the children.

According to information TASS, the verdict has not yet entered into force, it is possible to appeal.

The parents of the injured children told mk.ruthat the verdict of Malinovskaya was fair, and they also expressed the hope that such a person would never work with children again.

“The main thing is that she is no longer allowed to work with children. It’s scary to imagine what this teacher can do with children who haven’t even really learned to speak,” said the parents.

In Moscow, a teacher mocked a child.

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