Political scientist Bolkunets told what kind of destabilization should be expected in Belarus

The plan to destabilize Belarus is being prepared not by the opposition, but by Alexander Lukashenko, political analyst Dmitry Bolkunets believes.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the opposition has prepared a new plan to destabilize the country. He did not disclose details, promising to do so in the near future.

“This is a plan of the runaways in order to receive funding. You cannot say otherwise,” Lukashenka quotes the publication SB.Belarus Segodnya.

“They are already preparing to break the constitution and, if their plan is implemented, to bring the people of Belarus out into the streets again. History teaches nothing,” the head of state emphasized.

In a comment for Pravda. Ru, Belarusian opposition political scientist Dmitry Bolkunets noted that not the opposition, but Lukashenka has plans to destabilize the country.

“And in August last year, such a plan was implemented after the election fraud, when hundreds of thousands of citizens took to the streets,” Dmitry Bolkunets said.

According to him, a new destabilization of Lukashenka is scheduled for early February, when a referendum will be held, “as he says it.”

“It will not be fair and transparent, because, firstly, he only proposes his own Constitution. No alternative points of view will get there. And, secondly, observers will not be provided access. This referendum does not resolve the issue of the political crisis. referendum Lukashenko wants to make a monarchy in Belarus and become the king of Belarus. This is his plan to destabilize the situation in Belarus, “said Dmitry Bolkunets.

In Belarus, after the presidential elections on August 9, 2020, in which Lukashenka won for the sixth time, who, according to the CEC, gained 80% of the vote, mass protests took place. A number of opposition leaders have been prosecuted for calls for the seizure of power, the creation of an extremist group with the aim of seizing state power by unconstitutional means, and attempted terrorist attacks.

The leaders of the protest movement fled to the West, where they are trying to pursue an alternative policy and seek broad sanctions against Lukashenka, who is not recognized there as a legitimate president.

Minsk has repeatedly accused the West of directly interfering in the situation in the republic, noted that the unrest is directed by the United States, and the Europeans “play along” with it.

A referendum is scheduled for February on amendments to the Constitution, which have not yet been submitted for discussion by the people. The President of Belarus has repeatedly stated that he does not hold on to the presidency.

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently advised his Belarusian counterpart to establish a dialogue with the opposition.

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