what awaits Ukraine after the introduction of martial law

Head of the Ukrainian analytical center “Third Sector” Andrey Zolotarev in a conversation with Pravda.Ru said that he had no information about the imposition of martial law in Ukraine… With these words on the air of the Ukrainian TV channel “Nash”, the head of the “Radical Party” Oleg Lyashko

According to Zolotarev, Lyashko’s statement may be one of the elements of the confrontation between the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and the richest Ukrainian Rinat Akhmetov… In Ukraine, the head of the Radical Party is considered a “project” of the Donetsk oligarch’s business empire.

“When such an” authoritative “speaker as Lyashko speaks about this, as a rule, this should be divided into two. Given the growing conflict between the president’s team and the team of Rinat Akhmetov. Lyashko, one way or another, is often invited to the channels of the richest Ukrainian, which speaks about affiliation. Perhaps this is just an element of such a campaign, “- said the expert.

Martial law will not add points to Zelensky

The political scientist noted that martial law would not benefit Zelensky. He recalled similar maneuvers by the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, which led to a drop in his rating.

“It is clear that the intention to impose martial law in the absence of any serious military threat to the president will not add points … And the prerequisites for martial law, at least not yet. to the results opposite to the desired ones. I hope that I will be smart enough not to step on the same rake twice, “the specialist emphasized.

Zolotarev added that the use of martial law to put pressure on the media, as Lyashko said, would only worsen the situation in Ukraine.

“In the Ukrainian reality, thoughtless unscrewing of the screws, as a rule, leads to the disruption of the thread,” the political scientist believes.

  • Earlier, Lyashko said that martial law would be introduced from December 1 for two months. A possible decree of the President of Ukraine will have to be approved by the parliament.
  • In 2018, Petro Poroshenko introduced martial law on November 26, after an incident in the Kerch Strait. It extended to ten regions of Ukraine and lasted 30 days.

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