Arcade Games For Your Kids To Enjoy

With the vision to widen malls that encourage social interaction within the community, waterway points have a mix of revitalizing experiences and family friend facilities. It is beyond shopping-is a place that inspires friends and families to play and bond together.

What Is A Waterway Point?

Waterway point is a lifestyle and retail hub located in the center of Punggol town. It is the retail component of Watertown (it features a 992 residential unit development and the lifestyle and retail hub).

Waterway point offers a diverse range of dining, retail, fashion, and entertainment offerings. Besides, it also has various educational learning centers, bookstores, and play spaces for children, including a wet and dry playground. Besides, it has supermarkets, banks, salons, telecommunication shops, and a cinema (the largest cinema in Singapore).

A waterway point brings excitement and fun to the whole family, adults, kids, and teens. It ensures that your experience becomes a magical memory. You can impress your date with your dance-off skills at a dance arcade game or bond with friends at waterway point.

Arcade Games at Waterway Point

Weekend calls out for you to bring the little ones out for some family day activities. They could be feeling stressed with upcoming examinations or deadlines. There is a better way to help them blow off and distress some steam by allowing them to lose themselves in the world of fun. An arcade in the north east is the best place to be when it comes to helping your kids forget about their worries.

However, you could be in a remote location in the North East, but do not be dismayed. You can have fun in Singapore’s heartlands. Punggol MRT, an arcade in the north east, is full of modern and retro games and machines. It is not like any other ordinary kids’ attraction. What are the various games that can be offered in an arcade in the north east? We have analyzed a few of the games provided here.

1. Dance Dance Revolution l and Pump It Up

Here you can strut your best moves on the dance floor or dance your worries away with your desired tracks playing in the background.

2. Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz is a fun and beautiful game with plenty of new surprises. It consists of 6 players trying to push as many cards and points off the playfield to get as many points as they can and win.

3. Zombie Outbreak

Zombie Outbreak Arcade Game At Waterway Point

Here, players use water guns to freeze zombies and defeat the ‘boss’ at each level. You can partner with a friend and move up the four ranks together.

4. Monster Catcher

Monster catcher involves combining forces with a friend in a two-player game to bring each level to a good end. You can hop from platform to platform and pick up all the games and defeat the monsters.

5. SpongeBob Pineapple

A player times the release of a token through targets to drop tokens, win free plays, and scorecards that fall over the edge. Collectible cards are beautifully designed with fun facts about the characters.


Experience the excitement with your family and friends at the waterway point. Bring fond memories and have fun with modern innovations or old classics. Arcades in waterway points have all the games you may want.

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