Chris Hemsworth eats 8 meals a day to look like Thor

Chris Hemsworth Updates: Chris Hemsworth’s coach Luke Zocchi and Longtime Stuntman Bobby Holland Hunton Reveal What It Takes To Look Like Thor.

“Chris takes it very seriously, very importantly, and the form he will find is amazing,” said Hutton, who has twice starred in 13 films, told Web Page Six. “It has a real way of achieving these goals. However, I believe that over the past decade, we have been able to give you ways to try. ”

According to Zocchi, who has been working at Hemsworth for eight years, all of this comes with “stability, hard work, and good nutrition”.

How Does Zochi Take His Food?

“When we prepare movies like ‘Thor,’ it is much better to eat,” Zocchi reports, adding that “you eat six to eight meals a day.”

He said that since the Australian star is an amazing 6-3 meter, he wants to work hard to take in the thousands of energy needed to build muscle. Because body weight depends on calories consumed in width.

“We were able to build. They found that when he ate a really big meal, he felt very heavy, so they divided the 450 calorie diet into eight,” Zocchi said. “We eat every two hours and 450 hours at all bars
Calories are trying to find energy.”
Recently Hemsworth is seen coaching with Zocchi.

Hemsworth sometimes eats a few large meals a day such as a steak, roaster, and fish or candy potatoes with white rice – after which he switches to smaller meals such as a protein shake.

Zocchi, assisted by a chef, stays on set to make sure Hemsworth eats at the right occasions during filming.
However, keeping up your caloric consumption is barely a part of Hemsworth’s curriculum, as consistent training is a critical half of making a Thor-able effort. Be The Best Version Of Yourself.

What Chris Hemsworth Shared?

Chris Hemsworth

“Chris tells me, ‘We want to be the strongest, healthiest, and best versions of ourselves for this next “Thor.” We want to take it to the next level.

The three put their heads together, and after some trial and error, they hatched a “monster plan.” And thus, the new Center program to “look like Chris” was born.

“I think we achieved the best results,” Hunton said. “I think it’s the best shape I’ve ever been in and Chris has ever been in my entire life. I think we excelled, and I think we went way beyond what we thought, we really Could have achieved with a little customization.

The program includes workouts, nutrition plans, and relaxation exercises because, as Zocchi said, “it’s all about balance.”

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