Dead Space Revealed Hidden Secrets?

Dead Space Updates: The official YouTube page of the EA game Dead Space has been updated for the first time in years, leading to fans making speculations of an upcoming game announcement.

The YouTube page for EA’s Dead Space game has been updated for the first time in many years. This has led to speculations on EA’s plans to announce a new Dead Space project. The last Dead Space game came out in 2013 with Dead Space 3.

There have been rumors about a Reboot that just got fueled with the new YouTube page update. It could indicate that there truly is a project coming.

The first game came out, over a decade ago, in 2008. The survival horror game is set on a deep-space mining ship overrun by deadly monsters called Necromorphs.

The game is considered the best in its genre which has led it to get two sequels and a number of spin-offs. The latest game in the series was Dead Space 3 which was released in 2013. The game got criticized because of its more action-focused approach to the series and EA’s lack of interest in continuing the main story.

The games have two spin-offs and a mobile game, but they did not become as popular as the numbered titles in the series. The Game is considered the best in the horror gaming genre and is known to have influenced other horror titles.

Dead Space Rumors

Dead Space

Rumors about the return to the game have been circulating for a while now. It started when industry insider Jeff Grubb claimed that EA is reviving an existing IP. This led to people speculating if the revival could be the game.

The recent YouTube update has only fueled the speculations, as it has been years since the page has been updated. The update is a simple one, noticed by a Twitter user. The channel’s cover picture which used to be a Dead Space 3 icon has changed to what appears to be the helmet of protagonist Isaac Clarke.

While it does not give away anything, it is worth noting that the page’s last video is from March 2013. With the rumors and now the YouTube channel update after years, it could be suggesting that a game announcement is imminent.

The new project could be a new game, or a reboot, remake or remaster of the previous game. Nothing is clear at this point but a recent exchange between Xbox Era’s Nick Baker and Windows Central’s Jez Corden suggests that EA is working on a remaster of the trilogy.

It would not be surprising, considering that earlier this year EA launched the Mass Effect Legendary edition that consists of remasters of the series’ core trilogy. This could mean that EA has similar plans for the game. Might get a reveal at the EA Play Live which is scheduled to be held on July 22.

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