An Option For Diversified Investment

Alternative currencies have become popular over the past decades. The number of investors who are more likely to invest in diversified portfolios is increasing more than before. The need for an alternative investment option has been realized by the investors more after the great financial breakdown of 2008. The crisis indicated to portfolio managers that they need to add alternative options to allocate their clients’ assets. 

The Necessity for an Alternative Investment

Every investor expects a good or at least positive return from their investment. In the same way, investment with a diversified portfolio is always a better option in every sense. No investment comes without risks. If we talk about stocks, this investment option provides attractive returns but is riskier than other options. On the other hand, bonds are less risky and stable but offer less return than stocks. 

However, in the last few years, cryptocurrencies have become one of the smart alternatives for investment. This is a digital or virtual currency, such as Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and many more. Though some cryptocurrencies have been used in the physical world through credit cards and other forms, a large share of the currency is still entirely intangible. Some mining equipment is used to manufacture the currencies that can be found in some selected crypto mining companies. One of the best among the equipment is goldshell kadena box miner.

Difference Between Cryptocurrencies and Traditional Investment Options

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is not issued by any central bank or financial institutions like usual currencies. These currencies cannot be used more than once. Encryption algorithms enable the users to pay securely through online systems, and this system is known as ledger entries or tokens. 

Some of the cryptocurrencies are decentralized network-based, which run through blockchain technology, basically an extended form of the allotted ledger covering a wide range of computer networks. 

Though Bitcoin is the most popular and oldest cryptocurrency, there are thousands of alternates. Most of the cryptocurrencies are based on distinct technology. Some of them are also not very different from Bitcoin. However, each of them has different risk and return attributes.

Some of the cryptocurrencies can be used in limited numbers, just like traditional currencies. This controls both inflationary pressure and over-flood in the crypto market. For that reason, these currencies can be used as a barrier against inflation.

Advantages that make cryptocurrencies a better alternative for investments

The popularity of cryptocurrencies has been increasing more and more in recent times. Let’s discuss the reasons which make cryptocurrency a better and diversified investment option than others-

1. Stringent Regulation Than other Investment Options

Regulation for cryptocurrencies is becoming more strict every year. The policymakers are trying to make the regulations more rigid in the future than other types of investment alternatives. 

2. Cryptocurrencies Can Be Exchanged for Cash 

Cryptocurrencies for cash

Most of the investment options are illiquid. For instance, an investor has to wait for a certain period to cash out their hedge funds. Similarly, the most common investment options such as real estate, venture capital, art, private equity, and others need to be liquidated only through some specific channels. Conversely, cryptocurrencies can be converted easily without any time barrier. For the past few years, investors and traders can spend or convert into cash whenever they want. Buyers for selling cryptocurrency are also easy to find. 

3. Great Investment Option For Diversification

A diversified portfolio helps to earn regular returns from an investment. Being a diversified investment alternative, cryptocurrency does not become entirely vulnerable during a financial crisis. Compared to other investment options, cryptocurrencies tend to react differently to economic factors during a financial crisis.

4. Getting Attention From The Reputable Companies

Big names from the IT industries are getting more interested in blockchain technologies. Key Financial institutions are also showing their interest in cryptocurrencies. As blockchain is the spine of cryptocurrency, it would be wise to invest in some of the early-stage options, such as venture capital.

5. Hardcoded Fault-Tolerant Protocols

Mathematical algorithms which have been used to create crypto protocols will remain the same over time, vulnerable financial situations, or any kind of socio-economic downfalls.

6. Innovative Retail-Driven Phenomenon

As the cryptocurrency protocol is established as a broad-based phenomenon, it is expected that the use of the currency will become a mainstream asset in no time. 

7. Deflationary Nature and Finite Supply

One of the most unique features of the cryptocurrency includes unlimited supply and no risk of inflation. 

8. Need for Store of Value

The need for stores of value is increasing more in the world economy due to several drastic changes such as the COVID-10 pandemic. As cryptocurrencies are more liquid than many other traditional investment options, they are suitable as a “store of value” in times of sudden economic downfall.

9. Less Additional Expense 

To invest in any other alternatives, you have to pay much more for management and advisory fees. On the other hand, there is no second party involved in the transaction of crypto investment, and the investor can access it directly. The cost related to this currency is trading cost only.

10. Currency Demonetization  

With the increasing government intervention, we are witnessing more categorical demonetization of fiat currencies from coins and notes to stable or digital currencies. This would assist the proliferation and adoption of Bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies. 

Some More Facts About Cryptocurrencies

One should not invest everything in one place. Though cryptocurrency is a non-correlated asset to broaden your portfolio, you should invest as much as you can lose.  In the coming years, the use of cryptocurrencies will increase due to their accessibility, adaptability, similar flow ratio as gold, and limited supply. A small share of investment in cryptocurrencies can decrease both volatility and increase the amount of return. 

Final Thoughts

To sum up, if you want to invest smartly, cryptocurrencies should be on your list. However, they should be invested carefully. Easy accessibility has made crypto a less complicated investment option for a wide range of people. This virtual currency can fill the gap between traditional and alternative investment options.

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