What If…? Episode 10: New Episode Coming? Click to know

What If Episode 10 Updates: The admirers are a lot confused about that, when is the season Episode 10 of What If is going to get back?

All the world is after MCU like it always does, and in that too, this is the animated series. Now everybody is expecting What If…? 10th Episode The most awaited MCU animated series in recent times. Episode 9 has already been released on the 6th of October 2021.

So, there is a lot of suspense going on and they cannot hold themselves for more time. They are waiting for episode 10 to come now.

As we know the MCU team or the makers of What If…? are releasing each episode every week. But we are not so sure that this time there is going to be What If…? 10th Episode, as the gossip was, the makers said that there were only 9 episodes in total of What If…? if there is episode 10 then, it might release on the 13th of October 2021.

So, we are not sure about What If…? 10th Episode, as episode 9 was the finale.

All About What If…? Episode 10

What If...? Episode 10
Release Date News

Initially, in summer 2019, there was an announcement that What If…? is going to contain only 9 episodes in total. Currently, all the episodes have already come out now, we hope maybe the season has concluded, the makers, or the legal information that has come out before according to that the season 1 is over now, let us hope for an episode 10 anyway.

If that does not work, still it is okay, the admirers need not get worried, as there was also an announcement about season 2 in 2019, by Kevin Feige, he announced in December.

And again, season 2 of What If…?  going to have 9 episodes.

But we are not sure that when the makers are thinking to release season 2 of What If…?

It would take one year or season 2 of What If…? to come. Whatever the time it releases, whenever it releases that is fine, but the time that admirers have waited for season 2 should not go in vain.

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