3 Digital Nomad Jobs To Consider Today

A digital nomad is simply a person who travels around the world while working remotely. All they need for success is a laptop computer and a working internet connection. Digital nomad communities have sprung up in places like Tallinn, Mexico City, and Lisbon, but in reality, the aim is to stay on the road and travel as much as possible. If being a digital nomad sounds appealing, here are some ideas.

1. Content writer

Probably the most popular digital nomad job, content writing means just that. You receive a brief at the start of the day (for example, you might be writing an article about the latest piece of Apple technology), complete it by the deadline, and get paid. Some content writers work for agencies that find jobs on their behalf; others are fully freelance. 

Content writer

Whatever your approach, the work is varied and, in most cases, well paid. Deadlines can sometimes be tough, and you might occasionally receive a niche topic that requires a little research, but content writers retain the freedom to set their own schedules and travel.

2. Web designer

Another self-explanatory job title, web designers help companies and individuals build the perfect site. They need an in-depth knowledge of coding, platforms like WordPress, and also things like SEO. Much like content writers, web designers work to briefs, but their projects often take much longer to complete.

It’s not unheard of for a web designer to spend weeks or even months on a single project. You’ll often be on call to fix any bugs or glitches that occur on the website in the future, too. Web design is rewarding and a fantastic way to bring out your creative side.

Web designers used to make up the bulk of the digital nomad “scene.” Although the community has since diversified, designers still form a large part of it. Many choose to diversify still further, moving into social media management or even designing social media platforms from scratch. No matter the complexity of the job, it can always be done completely remotely. 

3. Lorry driver

Although transporting freight isn’t one of the “core” traditional digital nomad activities, it’s quickly transforming into a viable option. Long haul lorry drivers travel across countries and even continents, but until recently, few could truly be classed “freelance.” Thanks to platforms like Shiply that allow drivers to choose truck loads and loads for large vehicles online, that’s all changed.

The beauty of this is that drivers can choose when, where, and how they work. They can choose loads depending on their destination, their type, and lots more criteria besides. This frees a driver up to work for themselves, all with just a tablet or computer and an internet connection. It’s this fully remote, digital element that assures lorry driver of its status as a true digital nomad job. Many truckers get into the job because they feel the allure of the open road, and now there’s even more freedom to be found behind the wheel.

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