The 10 Keys To The Hypocaloric Diet For Healthy Body & Skin

The bad reputation of diets is due to an endless number of miraculous and surrealistic claims that promise instant results. Don’t be fooled! You’ll have a hard time getting rid of the extra kilos just by following a typical diet found on the internet. To make sure your work is not in vain, you have to adopt a healthy lifestyle that also includes exercise combined with the most endorsed diet by experts, the hypocaloric diet. 

Can you think of a better way to get back in shape besides eating low-calorie foods and have an active lifestyle? Research evidence actually confirms the effectiveness of a hypocaloric diet and increased physical activity on weight loss. So if you are willing to try the hypocaloric diet, all you have to do is follow these ten simple steps. Stay tuned!

1. Keep in mind the basic foods of this diet

A hypocaloric diet basically means to eat only foods with low calories. It’ll help you maintain a healthy body and skin as well as help you lose weight. The foods that should be present in the hypocaloric diet are vegetables, lean meats, fish, fruits, skimmed dairy products, and eggs. On the other hand, you should reduce the consumption of complex carbohydrates, such as rice, pasta, bread, and potatoes. Finally, you can eat legumes and fruits on a weekly basis. 

2. Eat five meals a day

Many experts recommend eating five meals a day: breakfast, sneak, lunch, snack, and dinner. None of them has to be very copious because the idea is to eat more times a day but ingesting less quantity. You should not avoid or skip any of these meals! All of them are equally important and will help you control your appetite and anxiety.

3. Start the day with a carbohydrate-rich breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day since it fuels our body and provides us with the necessary calories to start the day. For a drink, you can opt for black coffee, skimmed milk, or unsweetened herbal teas. In addition, this meal should never lack a piece of fruit and foods rich in carbohydrates, such as bread, cookies, toast, or cereals.

4. Eat fruits

In addition to being delicious, fruits, in general, are the foods with the highest amount of nutrients and vitamins necessary for a healthy body. They possess protective substances and natural antioxidants that protect and defend the body cells. To keep you in shape, you can eat fruits such as grapes, custard apples, bananas, or figs several times a day.

5. Have healthy snacks between meals

healthy snacks

At this time of the day, when we get the famous “craving,” we must accustom our body not to demand pastries or those salty snacks that we like so much. A good alternative may be to opt for a piece of fruit, low-fat yogurt with a teaspoon of oatmeal, or a tea without sugar.

6. Dinner should be lighter than lunch.

In the last hours of the day, the metabolism works more slowly so that the calories you consume at that time will accumulate as fat reserves. For this reason, you have to change the chip! And opt for vegetables and some food rich in protein, such as lean meats, fish, and eggs. For dessert, you can have a low-fat yogurt or a diet jelly with the flavor you like! You should forget about foods containing complex carbohydrates at night, such as rice, pasta, potatoes, and bread.

7. It is preferable to cook food by boiling, steaming, and grilling.

Leave fried foods, sautéed foods, and foods coated in oil, butter, or fat away. This type of cook steals not only the natural flavor of any food but also its nutritional properties. It would be best to cook by boiling, steaming, or to use the griddle or grill. That way, you’ll conserve the nutrient content of food and enjoy a juicy and healthy meal.

8. Drinking water is the best way to eliminate toxins.

Water is one of the essential elements for our well-being. The truth is that, whether you are on a diet or not, it’s essential to stay hydrated by drinking between 1.5 and 2 liters of water a day. At first glance, it may seem too much, but the more water you drink, the more toxins you will eliminate from your body. Besides, water is an essential energy source for the cells since it increases oxygen in your blood. Human cells need oxygen to fuel body functions. Also, according to Women’s Concepts, drinking water also promotes hair growth and has many other benefits for our overall health. It pays off, don’t you think?

9. Reduce salt consumption

Salt has a specific addictive effect because, over the years, the body demands a little more in our dishes to make them tastier. But it’s all a delusion. Overeating salt can contribute to high blood pressure, which is linked to conditions like heart attack and kidney problems. The sooner you start to reduce the amount of salt in your food, the better the real flavor is. You will not only prevent fluid retention (hence, cellulite), but you’ll finally get to taste the real flavor of the food. 

10. Plan an exercise routine

Physical activity is always an excellent option to lose weight, feel active, and clear your mind of all the worries. Set aside a small part of the day to go for a walk, start running, or take the bike. You just need to take the first steps to escape the routine and feel better about yourself. Evidence shows that people with an active lifestyle that burns more than 3000 calories per day are more likely to have a shaped body. 

The takeaway

Maintaining a healthy diet low in calories always pays off, whether you want to keep your body in shape or aid for weight loss. But relying only on your diet won’t get you too far, especially if your goal is to lose some pounds. That’s why you have to push yourself out of a sedentary life and start to exercise. From now on, it’s all up to you!

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